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The Gary Moore Show


1.)  Footage Chuck never thought he'd see again, until a friend found it for him. Chuck's first appearance on network TV was partnering with Dick Van Dyke for this Laurel & Hardy & Honeymooners sketch. Enjoy! run time approx: 10 min.


2.)  A comic sketch of Kipling's Gunga Din with Chuck as a trumpeter warning the troops.  run time approx: 5 min.



The Merv Griffin Show


3.) Promoting "All That Glitters", Chuck is on Merv's panel with with Charlie Callas and Pat Carroll.

run time: approx. 13.5 minutes


The Dick Cavett Show


4.) Chuck pays a visit to Dick Cavett in  July of 1971 and talks about some of his commercial appearances, and getting stuck at the Canadian boarder because of his costumes!

run time: approx 12 minutes



5. ) A classic episode of the game show

"I've Got A Secret" hosted by Gary Moore.

Chuck stumps the panel with guest Edgar Bergen as "the secret" .

run time: approx. 9.5 minutes



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